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Captain Edgar

Captain Edgar is an American born guide and has always had a keen love of fishing. He takes his business seriously and is proud to offer the quality service he provides. Captain Edgar knows the best spots for the best fish and will move mountains to get you on them. He is strongly committed to Catch & Release to make sure future generations are still able to enjoy these amazing creatures. This attention to detail and refusal to settle for second best has won him various tournaments over the last few years and he is constantly learning and improving in order to stayahead of the game.

Captain Manuel

Captain Manuel Mota is a Punta Cana, Dominican Born Captain, son of Eligio Mota first Dominican Captain to target billfish. if you want to see literally what old timer fisherman is: Captain Manuel is one, the type of captain who knows where to look and where not to look, he tells depending on the color of the water, the direction of the current and direction of wind where the bite can happen. over 30 years of experience since he became a captain at 18 years old winning various tournaments. The combination of captain Edgar and Manuel the new and the old makes the perfect combo for the best fishing knowledge there is in the whole island period.

Captain Juan

Captain Juan Also like captain Manuel comes from a family of old timer fisherman, But Juan comes from the North part of the island where rougher seas and conditions are harder, so no seas or bad fishing can stop this man to deliver, hard worker in general captain Juan will go above and beyond to get you into fish since he spent his whole life fishing to survive since he comes from a fishing village and family, fishing since he was a little boy in canoes and penga boats. REAL DEAL hardcore captain. punta cana fishing charters



+1 (829) 901-4252

Cap Cana Marina, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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